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An inventory of all Hiszpanski's postwar works (as only these survived) was carried out in the course of preparations for the retrospective exhibition, which took place in the Warsaw "Zacheta" Gallery. The entire surviving artistic output of Stanislaw Hiszpanski comprises 636 works. More then 140 works have been acquired by various museums and the Ministry of Art and Culture. Many others are in private hands.

His pictures testify to a man of many passions - an architect, a historian and archeologist, an aviator and mountaineer, a collector of folklore, and a philosopher. Here we present pictures representing cycles or sets inspired by:


From September till November an exhibition devoted to three generations of the Hiszpański family,
in Galeria Przy Teatrze in Warsaw.
Bogna Hiszpańska, in a retrospective, will trace
her artistic evolution from impressionistic
and realistic works to her latest, more formally stylised collages of paint and paper mosaic.
The art of Stanislaw Hiszpański featured in the exhibition will include his original illustrations of humanity's oldest "Summerian Myths" legends as well as reproductions of the illustrations of Homer's Odyssey purchased by the National Library.
The youngest of the artistic family,
Olga Ketling-Szemley will present a selection of
her mosaics created in France and Great Britain,
where she currently lives.

November-December 2012. The latest exhibition inaugurating 26 November, entitled "The Passion of Three Generations", is a retrospective featuring
the work of Stanislaw Hiszpanski, painter and graphic artist (1904-1975), the collages-mosaics of his daughter, Bogna Hiszpanska, as well as those of the granddaughter, Olga Ketling-Szemley. Each style is unique. The event has the patronage of the Mayor of the city of Warsaw and the Friends of Warsaw Society. It will be hosted by the "Fabryka Trzciny" Gallery.

May-June 2012. The exhibition was part of the 60th Jubilee of the Polish Academy of Sciences
along with two piano concerts and a planning session.



Pictures - Paper Mosaics - Bogna Hiszpańska