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"Hiszpanski belonged to the rare, in the 20th century, kind of people who could equal the Renaissance man with his comprehensive talents. He wrote his name in the history of Poland, and in the history of Polish culture (...)." (by Irena Kossowska

He was born in the year 1904 to a family owning a company whose shoes were sought after in all continents, and, above all, to a family cultivating the patriotic tradition, and supporting men of art and science

Rodzina Hiszpańskich M±dralin w "Stolicy"

As a participant of the September Campaign of 1939, Hiszpanski was taken do the officers' prison camp in Woldenberg. It was there that he created over four hundred drawings. Caricatures depicting the life in the camp obtained first prizes in contests organized by the YMCA. He was also an art director of the camp theater for the officers. All of the pre-war works, as well as those created in the prison camp got lost

w "Stolicy"

In 1945 he became a member of the Polish Visual Artists' Association, based on three sketches drawn with a stick dipped in ink. In 1973, after 52 years of artistic work, Hiszpanski was awarded the Jubilee Award of the Minister of Culture

After the war - as major pilot of the reserve he fought perilous battles for the respect for Polish aviation tradition and terminology. He published two books in this field, namely "A Dictionary of Aviation Terminology" and "Aviation without Miracles"

Rodzina Hiszpańskich

He died in 1975. As his father and grandfather, the third Stanislaw Hiszpanski is commemorated on the Citizens of Merit Plaque in the Powazki Cemetery, among other outstanding artists


The Artist's bibliography was enriched in the year 2000 with a monographic album "Stanislaw Hiszpanski - a Painter Unlike Others", published by the Art Institute of the Polish Academy of Science. It comprises 115 illustrations, including 68 colour plates - altogether 223 pages


The Hiszpanski family has a street named after its members, and among them Stanislaw the Artist, to commemorate their services to the country and its capital. The street surrounding the Warsaw Galera Mokotów from one side bears, since 2001, the name of "Rodziny Hiszpanskich"

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