Individual Exhibitions
2007 - "Unique Images of Bogna and Stanislaw Hiszpanski", The Art Gallery of the Polish Military Museum, Warsaw.
2007 - "Unique Paintings and Drawings of Stanislaw Hiszpanski", Royal Lazienki Museum, Warsaw
2007 - "Iconosphere of Stanislaw Hiszpaanski", Schody Gallery, Warsaw
2004/05 - Exhibition of Religious Works, The Chapel of  Milosierdzie Boze Church, Warsaw2006 ?Ikonosfera Stanislawa Hiszpanskiego", Galeria Schody, warszawa
2003 - Paintings and Prints, The Irydion Gallery, Prochem, Warsaw
2003 - "Stanislaw Hiszpanski - the Paintings", The Gallery of Krakowski Bank Spóldzielczy - the " Kraków Patron of Arts 2000", Kraków
1998/99 - "Stanislaw Hiszpanski 1904-1975. Painting, Prints, and Drawings" National Museum, Gdansk; Mazovia Museum, Plock; District Museum, Sandomierz; District Museum, Konin
1996 - The Collected Works of Stanislaw Hiszpanski", The Polish Institute, Stockholm
1995/96 - "Stanislaw Hiszpanski - Malerei, Grafik, Zeichnungen, Illustrationen", The Polish Institute, Leipzig
1992 - "Kazimirki - opening of the Gallery in Janowiec", The Nadwislanskie Museum, Janowiec
1988 - "Myths of The Sumerians", Museum of Asia and the Pacific, Warsaw
1988 - "Stanislaw Hiszpanski 1904-1975", Friends of the Fine Arts Society, The "Palacyk" Gallery, Warsaw
1985 - "Architecture in Drawings and Paintings of Stanislaw Hiszpanski", The Summer Gallery, Kazimierz Dolny
1982 - "Middle Ages in Europe", District Museum, Sandomierz
1981 - Sacred Art, Museum of Warsaw Archdiocese, Warsaw
1979 - "Stanislaw Hiszpanski 1904-1975. Painter and Graphic Artist" Central Office for Art Exhibitions of the "Zacheta" Gallery, Warsaw
1978/79 - "Stanislaw Hiszpanski - a Painter of Antiquity", Archeological Museum, Poznan
1977 - "The Enchanted Kazimierz", The MpiK Club Gallery, Pulawy
1977 - "Prehistory in the Works of Stanislaw Hiszpanski", National Archeological Museum, Warsaw
1976 - "Painting in Retrospective", The Association of Art Historians, Warsaw
1974 - "The Enchanted Kazimierz", The Nadwislanskie Museum, Kazimierz Dolny
1973 - The Exhibition of -Prints and Watercolours, Archeological Museum, Wroclaw
1973 - Jubilee Exhibition of Graphics and Watercolour, Dom Artysty Plastyka, Warsaw
1969 - The Plock Science Association, Plock
1966 - Democratic Party Club, Warsaw
1965 - Catholic Intelligentsia Club, Warsaw
1964 - Catholic Intelligentsia Club, Warsaw
1963 - Institute of Material Culture and History of the Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw
1962 - Catholic Intelligentsia Club, Wroclaw
1961 - Catholic Intelligentsia Club, Warsaw

Participation in collective exhibitions
1994 - "The Bible in Contemporary Polish Painting", National Museum, Gdansk
1967 - "The City of Plock in Prints and Drawings", The Mazovia Museum, Plock
1964 - Art Fair, Friends of the Fine Arts Society, Warsaw
1964 - Archeology and Prehistory in Visual Arts, National Archeological Museum, Warsaw
1964 - III Exhibition of Contemporary Religious Art, Wroclaw
1963 - "Open Doors" Exhibition, The Orangery, Warsaw
1962 - Book and Illustration Exhibition, Polish Art for the 15th Anniversary of the Polish People's Republic, the "Zacheta" Gallery, Warsaw
1961 - II Exhibition of Contemporary Religious Art, Kraków
1960 - Art. Exhibition, Lublin Catholic University, Lublin
1954 - V Exhibition of the ZPAP in the Warsaw District, the "Zacheta" Gallery, Warsaw
1954 - X Jubilee Visual Arts Exhibition, Friends of the Fine Arts Society, Radom
1953 - Painting, Sculpture, and Graphic Art Exhibition of the ZPAP in the Warsaw District, the "Zacheta" Gallery
1952 - II Polish Visual Arts Exhibition, the "Zacheta" Gallery, Warsaw
1951 - I Book and Illustration Exhibition, the "Zacheta" Gallery, Warsaw
1946 - The Annual Salon of the ZPAP in the Lódz District, City Art Gallery, Lódz
1944 - Situational Caricature, post-contest exhibition, I and II prizes, Woldenberg
1944 - Portrait Caricature, post-contest exhibition, I prize, Woldenberg
1931 - Highlanders' Folklore, Dom Braci Jablkowskich, Warsaw
1924 - Situational and professors' caricatures, Mikolaj Rey High School, Warsaw

Paper Mosaics - Bogna Hiszpańska